Can A Broken Tooth Be Fixed?

Your teeth are remarkably strong but, despite being careful and practicing good oral hygiene, one of your teeth can get broken. A broken tooth can be painful and can also affect your speech, chewing habits and appearance and can only be treated by your Dentist. 

A broken tooth can be caused by cavities, an accident or biting down on something hard and can sometimes affect the tooth’s nerve. Therefore, when you break a tooth, it is important to see your Dentist right away to determine if the nerve is in danger. 

There are several types of tooth fractures and breaks, each of which requires a different dental procedure to restore the tooth and each requires attention from your Dentist. The technique your Dentist uses to repair your broken tooth is usually determined by the severity of the break as well as the by the condition of the tooth itself.

Minor surface cracks in the tooth only white enamel surface of the tooth and rarely need anything more than a light polishing to smooth out any rough areas on the tooth. More serious cracks extend from the chewing surface of the tooth down to the nerve and can sometimes be repaired with bonding material, although, if the nerve and other live tissues are damaged, you may need a root canal. 

For a tooth that is vertically split into two parts, it may be possible to keep one of the roots by performing a root canal and covered with a crown or your tooth may have to be removed. In the case of a tooth that is broken or crumbled because a cavity has weakened it from the inside out, your Dentist has to evaluate the cavity and determine if the tooth can be restored of if it will have to be removed. 

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