Are Your Teeth Ready For Your Vacation?

You are all set for your long-awaited vacation in some exotic destination; you have any required vaccines, you have packed everything you will need and you have arranged for someone to mind your house and pets while you are away. But are your teeth ready for your vacation? 

Dental emergencies can happen anytime and can range from painful toothaches to broken, loosened or knocked-out teeth and when they happen while on vacation they can put a crimp in your plans.

While you cannot foresee an unexpected accident that may require immediate dental treatment, you can minimize the chance of an annoying toothache. 

A couple of months before your vacation, arrange an appointment with your Dentist for yourself and your family to have a routine check up and a cleaning, even if you see the Dentist regularly. Many dental problems can be easily corrected by your Dentist if detected early enough – after all, wouldn’t you rather have a dental professional you know and trust poking around in your mouth that someone you have never met before. 

You will want to have serious dental problems like having a wisdom tooth pulled or a root canal completed a couple of weeks before you leave to allow you mouth to heal. If you are flying, changes in air pressure can cause dental pain in cavities and loose fillings as well as in any recent dental work. 

In addition to your regular oral health care items, prepare a dental emergency kit with dental accessories to temporarily take care of an unexpected dental problem. Your kit should include a pain reliever, a topical anaesthetic or clove oil, dental wax, temporary filling material, sterile applicators and gloves, a mouth mirror, a container to save pieces of a broken or knocked out tooth and splints to secure a tooth that has been loosened. 

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