Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist

Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease but it is one that can be avoided. The key to avoiding problems with your children’s teeth is an oral hygiene routine that includes brushing their teeth at an early age, adopting a healthy diet and, most important, taking your child to the Dentist as soon as possible.

A baby’s teeth are the foundation for the permanent teeth so introducing good oral hygiene practices with your baby forms the basis for healthy permanent teeth that will take your children into their teens and adult years. Once children have teeth, they are susceptible to tooth decay that can become serious dental problems.

Sugary liquids like sweetened juice, milk and formula are the initial cause of tooth decay; unsweetened juices, and water are better choices for your child. Children who get a bottle in their crib and toddlers who walk around with a bottle or drinking cup are more prone to tooth decay than children who do not have these habits.

Your child’s first trip to the Dentist could be as young as six months old  or once the first tooth appears.

Your child’s first trip to the Dentist should be scheduled six months after the first tooth appears so the dental staff can develop a relationship with the youngster and teach the parents how to care for their child’s teeth. The dental staff make your child comfortable in the Dentist chair while the Dentist takes a look to count the teeth, making sure they are coming in properly, identify any potential problems and to establish a baseline for future examinations.

When brushing your children’s teeth with toothpaste, it is important to ensure you put a minimal amount on the brush. For children under the age of three, it is best to brush their teeth with just water with your help and children between the ages of three to six can use an amount that is the size of a green pea.

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