Rules and courtesies

We want your visit at Lansdowne West Dental to go smoothly. To help you plan your visit please note the following:

Cancellations: Our practitioners reserve time for your appointment to ensure you receive dedicated care while you are in the treatment room. We understand that there are times when appointments must be changed however if cancellations are made with less than 48 hours notice, there will be a $50 cancellation fee. 

Your First Visit: When you first come to our office, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your initial appointment to fill out your medical history forms.  It is helpful to bring a full list of any currently prescription medications and dosages.

Insurance Coverage: There are many different insurance companies, and their coverage varies greatly. It is the patient's responsibility to determine what coverage they have. We are able to send a pre-determination in for any treatment that the Dentist has planned. However, your knowledge of frequency of scaling or recall appointments, or percentage of treatment coverage within your plan is essential.

Contact Information: We strive to maintain up-to-date patient records. Please advise our office immediately of any change of your telephone number, home address, or insurance information.

Cell Phone Use: You are welcome to use your cell phone while in the waiting room, however we ask that you turn your cell phone off when you enter the treatment room.

Booties: During the winter season, upon entering our practice, you will find a supply of booties at the door. We ask that you please remove your wet footwear or cover your shoes with the booties provided.